• Tenille Nuckols

The Cow Everyone Loved

Dairy farming isn’t for the weak at heart. Yet, just ask any dairy farmer about their favorite cow and you’ll see a soft spot emerge. For us, Cinderella was that cow. She was a 1,500-pound gentle giant with the sweetest personality. She was the first in the herd to greet anyone in the barn. She had a knack for requesting head scratches with a persistent nudge. She liked to stick her nose in a camera lens. And, if she didn’t get her way, she would simply get in the way.

Cinderella loved every person she met. And she met so many people throughout the last several years. She taught hundreds, if not thousands, of children about dairy farming during visits to the State Fair of Virginia, Agriculture Day for Hanover County third graders, Down on the Farm Day at the Children’s Museum of Richmond and countless visits to preschools and elementary schools. She’s even shared the spotlight with several Miss Virginias, the First Lady of Virginia and local news anchors.

For months, we’ve been preparing ourselves to say ‘goodbye’ to our herd when we close the doors on our dairy in June. But we weren’t planning to part ways with Cinderella anytime soon. We had decided to keep her and let her live out her life on the farm. So, it was unusual when she slowed down and wasn’t eating late yesterday. Dr. Harris was already scheduled for her regular visit in the morning. But, sometimes, it's just time to go even if it's for no reason at all. Cinderella passed away peacefully during the night. She was happy, healthy and loveable down to her last day at Eastview Farm.

Cinderella will always be our special cow and 879 will always be our luckiest number. #CinderellaTheCow


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