• Tenille Nuckols

Our Dairy Story: Before, During and After

We always imagined that Eastview Farm would raise generation after generation of farmers.

Our family purchased Eastview Farm in 1938. Page and Elsie Nuckols raised their four children, F.C., Wayne, Elaine and Kenneth on the farm. In 1959, F.C. and Wayne started the dairy business at Eastview. Throughout the following 60 years, the two brothers developed a world-renowned Holstein herd and eventually brought their two sons, Taylor and Matt, into the business.

Taylor and his wife Tenille now have two elementary-age children. Matt and his wife Jesse started their family in 2018 with the birth of their son. It's this generation that, while still working on the farm, have become passionate about connecting our consumers to our farm. We've visited countless school groups, taken our farm to the Children's Museum of Richmond for Down on the Farm Day for over a decade and used our website and social media to open a door to our dairy.

In June, our dairy business will come to an end. We've spent a few months coping somewhat privately with this part of our story. Now that we've had some time to process the end, we're ready to share with the rest of you. Here are two different perspectives on the end of era for our family.


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